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From nature’s own natural goodness Essence Lanka offers a range of 100% natural and easy to use spice extracts. Spices are loved by all and renowned for their fresh aroma and tantalizing tastes. We also offer a range of artificial flavours developed in collaboration with Partners from Western Europe. Essence Lanka is the leading supplier of food extracts to the retail and bakery markets in Sri Lanka and is geared to supply to the international markets under private labels and brands.

Product Range

Natural Spices Extracts
Nature Identical Flavours
Liquid Food Colourings
  • Cardamom Extract
  • Clove Extract
  • Cinnamon Extract
  • Nutmeg Extract
  • Ginger Extract
  • Black Pepper Extract

Usage: Cooking, Frying, Tempering, Baking, Confectionary, Soups & Salads etc.

  • Vanilla Flavour
  • Almond Flavour
  • Rose Flavour
  • Banana Flavour
  • Pineapple Flavour
  • Strawberry Flavour
  • Orange Flavour
  • Green Colouring
  • Red Colouring
  • Rose Pink Colouring
  • Yellow Colouring
  • Egg Yellow Colouring
  • Blue Colouring
  • Brown Colouring

The Shelf Life from the date of production: Natural Extracts - 24 months
Nature Identical Products and Food Flavours - 36 months