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We are driven to be the best known and respected conduit between Sri Lanka and the Rest of the World for:

Promoting and Building Trade, Business, Strategic Partnerships and Foreign Direct Investment, Accessing and facilitating Capital Sourcing of Suppliers, Contractors, Technology and Know-how whilst Ensuring, Adherence to Good Governance Practices and Rule of Law, Prosperity to our Clients and Business Partners, Equal Opportunity and Fairness to our People, Respect to our Planet Earth, and At least 25% Return on the Capital Employed.

KNG Ventures (Private) Ltd. is a company incorporated in Sri Lanka with the intent of promoting, building and fostering business linkages between Sri Lanka and the rest of the world, more specifically, the USA, Europe, Australia and Asia.

Using a network of global business partners, we seek to promote trade & business linkages, strategic partnerships and FDIs between Sri Lanka and the rest of the world. We are furthering our access to capital sources in order to facilitate lower cost, long-term capital needed by Sri Lankan companies for new and existing projects. We also use our network of partners to source suppliers, contractors and technology providers that are required by the public and private sectors as Sri Lanka journeys from a middle-income country to a high-income country.

We will team-up with leading companies from diverse sectors in Sri Lanka to partner and represent large International Firms with a view of servicing and participating in large infrastructure Projects and Business Ventures that would enhance Sri Lanka’s status as an Advancing Nation in the world and an Economic Power in the Region.


Corporate Team

Nihal Goonewardene
Shehan Goonewardene
Gemunu Goonewardene

As a US green card holder since 1993, and with over 30 years of experience in trading, manufacturing, government contracting and marketing, Nihal has been able to successfully promote business between the United States and Sri Lanka. With his diversified knowledge on infrastructure projects, petroleum, organic/inorganic chemicals, food technology, export/import laws and international trading, Nihal brings with him a vast understanding of doing business in Asia and in Sri Lanka. With over 45 years of exprience in developing strong relationships between the Sri Lankan Government and private sector, Nihal is driven to promote successful business ventures on behalf of US companies.

Shehan has over ten years of experience in the Department of Defense, the Defense Logistics Agency, the Department of Navy and most recently with two other Intelligence agencies of the United States. Shehan holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, a MBA in Management and Leadership and many years of project development and project management experience. He has managed complex government programs and assignments while providing day-to-day planning and operational oversight of the assigned programs. In addition, he has evaluated the operational capabilities and effectiveness of the Department of Defense programs and conducted evaluations to assess the reliability, suitability and sustainability of US companies’ ability to perform projects for government contracts. In his previous roles, he ensured protection of operationally sensitive information concerning facilities, operations, programs and property for the United States military. Shehan is also the President and CEO of Green Badge Solutions, LLC in Washington D.C.

Mr. Gemunu Goonewardene is the Vice President/Consultant for Aitken Spence Group responsible for Resource Planning & Development, Food & Beverage Services and facilities. He is a Graduate of the Ceylon Hotel School and has done his Post Graduate studies at the Culinary Institute of America. He serves as an Honorary Consultant for the Postgraduate Diploma in Tourism, Economics & Hotel Managements leading to Masters, conducted by the University of Colombo Mr. Goonewardene is a member of the Tourist Hotels Classification Committee for 2014, and a member of the team which drafted the new Tourist Hotel Classification Criteria/Guideline Standards for hotels. Gemunu brings extensive experience having worked in U.S.A., Europe and Australia and counting more than 40 years of valuable experience, in planning, designing, equipping and staffing the food & beverage facilities of Kandalama Hotel, The Tea Factory Hotel, Ranahli Island Resort, Meedhupparu Island Resort in the Republic of Maldives and many other hotels under the purview of Aitken Spence Group.

Technical and Advisory Team

Errol Taylor
International Business Development Director
Chandana Kuruppu
Projects Coordinator

Errol Counts over two decades of Senior Management experience. More than half of it working with Pepsico International, supervising over 150 staff members of different nationalities.

He is the founder of 'Tulip Micro Systems', an ICT company covering a wide range of IT Solutions based in the UK. He also is the co-owner of a franchise business 'Sams Grill' in the UK.

Currently, Errol is engaged in developing an Eco-Tourist Resort in Sri Lanka catering to the international market through a joint venture business styled under the name JS and Taylor International. The joint venture is with JVSP, an Indian business conglomerate with diverse interests.

Errol's speciality is an ability to recognise opportunities and build partnerships and ventures.

Chandana has over 30 years of experience in accounting, administration, procurement and project management with his ex-employer, Aitken Spence & Co. Ltd., a conglomerate with diverse business interests.

He facilitated the construction of the ‘Tea Factory Hotel’, an iconic five-star hotel property and the recipient of RICS 2000, from inception to completion and was responsible for Total Quality Management for procurement. Chandana served as a team member of the HACCP/ISO 22000 certification committee.

He also performed as a coordinator of several hotel projects in India and Sri Lanka.